The QULAB current research interests include:

  1. Precision medicine, personalized regulome of cancer and autoimmune diseases
  2. Single cell multi-OMICS technology development
  3. Biomedical big data analysis and bioinformatics software system development and application


  1. Benchmarking spatial and single-cell transcriptomics integration methods for transcript distribution prediction and cell type deconvolution:
  2. Profiling Interacting RNAs on Chromatin followed by deep sequencing:
  3. Algorithm for recovering scRNA-seq gene expression data with high dropout rate:
  4. Pipeline for ATAC-seq data analysis:
    ATAC-pipe :
  5. Single cell epigenomic clustering based on accessibility pattern:
    APEC :
  6. Pipeline for integrated analysis of eCLIP and DMS/PARS:
    SMAtool :

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